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Can We Hypnotize Ourselves Into Bad Luck?

Q: I am in a tailspin. Everything is going wrong for me. How can I stop this run of bad luck?

A: A clearer question might be, “Can I change or turn this run of bad luck around, deliberately?”

The Answer is Yes. Remember, however, it is not about "stopping" anything, but about changing it, turning it around, transforming it. You've already done the first step necessary toward getting yourself out of your tailspin by recognizing the tailspin, and wanting something else. Great first step.

Whether we realize this or not, we are our own best hypnotists. Yet, many people believe that they have to go to a hypnotist to be hypnotized into some behavior. The fact is everyone enters a “self-hypnotic” state several times a day. For example, you may have lapsed into a self-hypnotic state while driving down a stretch of highway, while in a rage of anger or while dozing off in front of the TV.

What we think, feel and believe about anything are the signals to the subconscious that directs or “suggests” to the subconscious to present to us that which we think, feel and believe. So it is us, individually, that hypnotize ourselves into a behavior. Further, it is the subconscious’ job to help make us “right,” even if we are in the process of self-destruction.

When we think and feel (congruent) that everything is going wrong, then our subconscious leads us in that direction and self-sabotage ensues. We can literally hypnotize ourselves into bad luck and our faithful servant, our subconscious, will create filters to block out of our conscious awareness opportunities or circumstances that can create what we would call good luck.

Can we stop a run of bad luck deliberately? Do we have the power to turn this around? The answer is yes! We always have the power to do so. In fact, we have to turn it around in order for it to stop.

We get caught in a “tailspin” because most of us are not aware that we ourselves are helping create the tailspin by focusing in that downward direction. One of the most important steps to take to get out of a tailspin of bad luck is to stop expecting more bad luck and to stop counting or itemizing and expressing the string of “bad luck” experiences.

Begin by deliberately focusing on the things that are going right for you now. We have to consciously recognize what is good and pleasing to us now. Further, by acknowledging the good and the pleasing and purposely placing the bad luck in the past by not keeping it alive in our present, whereby it is directed into the future, our subconscious begins to create filters to block out of our conscious awareness the circumstances or situations that create what we call bad luck. It is the same process that got us in the “bad” predicament in the first place. It works both ways. In other words, whatever we focus on or give our attention to, whether it is negative or positive, is either a verbal or a non-verbal instruction or suggestion to the subconscious to direct us more in that direction. If you can really put your mind around this principal and apply it to what you want, rather than in what you don’t want, you will get yourself out of your tailspin of bad luck.

Consciously look around you and see all the things that are going right in your life right now. Consciously feel how good it feels to have them now. Occupy your mind with these often and the “bad luck” will no longer “fit” and it has to diminish. This is not mind control, but deliberate mind performance. Something most of us have never been made aware we can do. We have the power to direct our minds and lives in either direction and for the most part have been doing so unconsciously in many areas of our lives. The good news is that we can apply the wonderful faculties we were born with consciously, deliberately and with purpose in the direction that brings happiness and good fortune.

Virginia Sabedra, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist/Mind Performance Coach
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